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2019 Artist lineup


Hailing from the river town of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Horseshoes & HandGrenades plays something like progressive high-energy Old-Time folk music. With strong roots in old-time and bluegrass, the band has formed its own unique style born from the diverse musical backgrounds and interests of the five friends who make up the band. All born and raised in the great state of Wisconsin, HHG began playing music and their earliest shows in the spring of 2009. Being mostly inspired by rivers, valleys, good friends, and good drink, this five piece is as sturdy as any Midwest riverbed and will make your toes tap from sundown to sunrise


Rushad Eggleston (“Rushadicus”) is a revolutionary cellist, composer, poet-philosopher, and entertainer whose unforgettable performances captivate and inspire all generations and types. With an intimate knowledge of classical music, jazz, and bluegrass under his fingers, coupled with an infamously infectious sense of rhythm, Rushad is a whole futuristic wonder-band expressed through just one person. Using his cello (and occasionally a guitar) as the steering wheel, Rushadicus will take you on a rocket-fueled melodic journey through space and time, and from the ridiculous to the sublime. Hopping nimbly around the stage with his cello strapped to his body while passionately singing songs that range from stuck-in-your-head-for-weeks to elaborate yet compelling miniature operas in his own language of Sneth, Eggleston is an incomparable soulful jester of modern times. A fearless improviser, Eggleston spontaneously navigates through his seemingly endless repertoire of instrumentals and vocals, only pausing briefly to set the stage for a battle between him and Bach, or rattling off with incredible speed a 3 page poem of self-fashioned words.


Vibrations, constellations, and communication from love nation station~Ralph Roddenbery is a charismatic singer/songwriter based out of the Atlanta Georgia area, who reaches all kinds of people through his music and with his self-effacing humor. Whether you first discover Ralph at a music festival, bar, music venue, or even surrounded by children in an elementary school, you will come away with the same impression. He is a born comedian, storyteller, and performer. With his talent of improv and his ability to transfer his emotions into the songs themselves, he is able to take the performance to the highest level.  

Ralph honed his songwriting & performance skills under the tutelage of Bill Berry (R.E.M), John Keane, Randall Bramblett, Davis Causey and Dave Schools (Widespread Panic) while he was living in Athens. We couldn't be more excited to welcome him back to the 2019 Jackpine Jamboree!

people brothers.JPG

Originally hailing out of Madison, Wisconsin, The People Brothers Band (PBB) are a staple of the Midwest’s vibrant music scene. Featuring some of the best vocalists and musicians in the region, the PBB have blossomed into a unique brand of Rhythm and Soul dedicated to uplifting the hearts and minds of its friends and fans. The PBB’s core mission is to bring people together by spreading love through music. Coupled with their energetic live shows and infectious stage presence, they are guaranteed to bring the party.


Your host band, Sloppy Joe has been playing their own style of bluegrass inspired neo old-time  music,  lovingly penned as Slopgrass, since 1998. A talented and musically diverse group of individuals, the band swaps instruments right and left throughout their high energy performances,  keeping the audience dancing and on their toes.  Celebrating their 20th year together, the band continues their mission to preserve Slopgrass music for generations to come, and welcomes you to join the Jackpine Family on Labor day Weekend!


​Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist Joseph Huber was a founding member of the .357 String Band--a group that, despite its abrupt break-up, still continues to gain popularity and is known as one of the most influential groups in the recent insurgent underground country and bluegrass movement. Having moved from .357, Huber has honed his songwriting abilities immensely and now continues moving onward and upward captivating folks with his sincere and well-crafted songs under his own name and with his backing band. Whether it's irresistible, fiddle-driven, dancing tunes or honest, heart-wrenching "songwriter" songs, Huber spans the spectrum of 'Roots' music while preferring not to stay within the boundaries of any strict genre classification.


The Yankee Coalition

The Jackpine is your only chance to see the boys from The Yankee Coalition play as they once did back in the days of The Great Northern Bluegrass Festival (Mole Lake, WI).  Tuck Pence is a well renowned musician in his own right, but when backed by Danny Lincoln -banjo wizard and pedal steel extraordinaire, Joe Cronick -alias "mandolin man", the uncle of Bluegrass-  G.T. "Doghouse" Hauser, and Donny Lincoln, it is a show not to be missed!


Wisconsin’s hardest working musician, Singer-songwriter, Tuck Pence  has been in the music business for over 30 years, and has performed every Jackpine to date. With a repertoire of over 2,000 songs, 4 albums, and years of being on the road under his belt, Tuck is truly an American Relic.  An astounding performer, and true friend, he is the finest example we know of what great musicianship really means.


From Madison, Wisconsin, Armchair Boogie takes progressive bluegrass to new heights by genre-bending in the funkiest of fashions. Their high-energy take on the Jamgrass genre fuses intricate arrangements of acoustic guitar and banjo with the funky backbeats of electric bass and drums. This dynamic sound covers everything from lightning-fast bluegrass to firey funk to honky-tonk. Since the release of their debut album in spring 2018, Armchair Boogie has quickly risen to become a nationally touring band, entertaining audiences across the midwest to the Rocky Mountains and beyond.    


Feeding Leroy came out of the collaboration of Sonja and Lee’s original songs, blending into a unique project, with their songwriting and vocal harmonies as the focus of this bands sound.  The two took their show back home to Duluth, MN, on the shores of Lake Superior where they have been performing regularly ever since. It’s kind of a family affair now, with brother Luke stepping in on the harmonica and long-time friend and bassist, Adam Staupe on the upright bass, both adding their vocal harmonies, creating somewhat of a gospel undertone that acts as it’s own instrument in the band. 

 Feeding Leroy, living a simple life, playing tunes around the country and finding inspiration along the way.


Gabe Dettinger & Friends provides a fresh interpretation of first-generation Bluegrass music. Fronted by the powerful banjo work and vocals of Gabe Dettinger, the band features some of the finest musicians in the state, including Jerry Wicentowski, Mark Hembree, and Paul Keinitz. The high energy and tight dynamics of this group are guaranteed to keep you entertained and provide a solid dose of authentic bluegrass!

Dig Deep is a four-piece string band based out of Wisconsin that has in a very short time become a truly unique voice and a cornerstone of the thriving Midwest roots community. Through tireless full-time touring throughout the upper Midwest and across the country, the release of an acclaimed debut album, numerous high-profile festival and theater appearances,  Dig Deep has earned love from fans, respect from musicians, and rapport with venues and events with their well-honed, hard-edged sound and their boisterous, dynamic performances.

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Star Valley Ramblers

Poppin' off some reels of fiery old time tunes and feisty trouts are some of this band's choice activities.  The fiddle, clawhammer banjo, guitar and bass blend into an extremely dance able and enjoyable combination, sure to make even the most stoic of Jackpiners tap a toe. 


Insomniac Gypsy is an original, bluegrass-infused, high-energy string band, infusing bluegrass with jazz, funk, and rock to come up with a completely different sound all their own. Denny Vanesky’s song writing takes center stage as he conjures up songs about his colorful life and the people and experiences he has met with along the way. His raspy and intense vocals are that of a backwoods storyteller,  and his playing-with-fire, hot picking guitar style is as flavorful as a Kentucky barbecue. Rounding out the band are the multi-talented Gypsies, whose playing is always a blend of technical basting and improvised seasoning. Good tasting, dance-around-the-fire nourishment!


Irene's Garden, locally-sourced, organic rock n roll achieves their sound drawing from distances and decades. Songs of Earthbound and Interstellar citizens alike, they play music you know, music you think you know, music for the ages and the galaxy. 


We are a group of people that gather together in an array of numbers these days. A Key Three will get you a Tuesday. A Core Four is that and more. A Five Alive and you might find Wednesday. It is a pleasure to gather and a grace to play. Walking down an old familiar path or discovering a new one, it is the music, it is the muse, it is such good stuff for the soul. And then there's the times we come to your town and do it with you - talk about all that and more! Dewgrass keeps keeping on and we wouldn't have it any other way

The trio of songwriters, known as Ukelyptus, fuse sweet vocal harmonies with the sounds of the baritone ukulele, mandolin, and bass fiddle to create a truly captivating and original sound. Playing together since 2014, Ukelyptus released their first album "Open A Doorway" in August of 2015....Imagine mermaids...

Using bluegrass rooted instruments, Monsters of Grass stems their energy from the sounds of Americana, Alternative and Folk music. Lead singer and songwriter Jared Paul's approach to storytelling focuses on creating and performing original emotionally charged content. Radiating rich sounds and conveying purposeful meaning The Monsters of Grass will boogie-woogie wake you into your best life!


Georgia Rae has won 7 state fiddle championship titles (WI, IL, MN), 5 state twin fiddle champion titles (MN, CO) and is the 2016 National Twin Fiddle Champion (NOTFA, ID). She since has discovered the magic of the loop pedal and opened a treasure trove of original material and a one-man show. Quirky and catchy, these songs will invade your life if you let them. Watch her build and give flight to song right before your eyes. Inspired by contemporary artists from the Avett Brothers to Mungo Jerry, and a jazzy feel to her bow, with her loop or her band, Georgia Rae’s music and love for life will follow you out the door and into the next day.  Georgia Rae also hosts radio shows “Kicking Back with G Rae and Jacks” (WHIW, 101.3 Harvard, IL) and “Women in Rock” (WBSD 98.3, Burlington, WI)


The Hand-Picked Bluegrass Band is a high energy acoustic band playing everything from the traditional “high lonesome sound” of Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Boys to the exciting sound of today’s progressive bluegrass groups – as well as their own original music.  Featuring a high caliber lineup, fronted by the husband and wife team of Joe and Sue Cronick, they deliver a show of stellar picking and powerful vocal arrangements. You can be sure that each and every performance will be a special one!

red ben2.JPG

Red Ben and the Missing Miles is a Stevens Point based band featuring local song writer Ben Lila. Drawing from a wide variety of influences, the band's sound creates a unique confluence of bluegrass, rock, ragtime, and Americana. With provocatively descriptive originals and a few creatively arranged covers, Red Ben and the Missing Miles delivers a movable performance packed with energy and soul. 

Members: Ben Lila (guitar, vocals)

Kevin Troestler (guitar, vocals)
Aaron Von Barron (bass)
Allen Soik (mandolin, vocals)
Bobby Burns (fiddle)

Featuring the songwriting of Jimers and Jeff Sachs, joined by Rev. Washboard Scallywag on percussion, and Erik Hitz on banjo, The Free Radicalz incorporate the voice of change and the timeless theme of freedom into their original compositions.  Attempting to change the world, one song at a time,  the band is fired up and ready to go!

Paul Tanner

Born in West Virginia and now residing in Adams county Wisconsin, Paul Tanner’s singing is the real deal. He will bring his wonderful blend of bluegrass, timeless country tunes, and (of course) wisecracking jokes to our stage , sure to delight all!

The New Hope Hay Balers

Toe tappin gospel tunes sure to kick off Sunday morning with some spirit!


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