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2024 Artists 


Boundary-breaking and genre-defying are handy terms to use in describing musical artists, but while they can lend a certain cachet to a project, music that really eludes easy description is actually pretty rare. Still, if such terms can be applied to any group at all, the Jon Stickley Trio is at the head of the line for such treatment. For while the music made by guitarist Stickley, violinist Lyndsay Pruett and percussionist Hunter Deacon contains innumerable influences that dart in and out of a listener’s ear, its all-instrumental essence is truly unique. The Trio's deep grooves, innovative flatpicking and sultry-spacy violin moves the listener’s head, heart, and feet. “It’s not your father’s acoustic-guitar music, Instead Stickley’s Martin churns out a mixture of bluegrass, Chuck Berry, metal, prog, grunge, and assorted other genres—all thoroughly integrated into a personal style,” -Guitar Player Magazine. Premier Guitar says, “Stickley’s trio… is not a traditional bluegrass group by any means… they are just nimble and ambitious enough to navigate EDM-style breakbeats as effortlessly as the old timey standard ‘Blackberry Blossom. With inspiration ranging from Green Day to Duran Duran, Tony Rice, Nirvana, The Dead, Grisman and beyond, the Trio is making waves with their unique sound. “


Hailing from deep within the rich fabric of Atlanta's music scene, The Ain't Sisters are pushing limits and pulling heartstrings, garnering rave reviews every time they step on stage. Fronted by the deliciously androgynous duo Arrie Bozeman and Barb Carbon, the Ain'ts deliver high-energy performances of their wildly diverse original music. Fiery Americana, fun, eclectic folk rock. Joined by the hardest working men in rock n Roll, Richie Jones on the Boom Chick thwackita whackita, and Justin Boudreau, aka BooDreamy, masterfully holding down the rhythm section and making everybody swoon with their gorgeous licks.  The AINTS have been hailed by Holler Magazine as “A jolt of energy.” Musicfest News calls them, “A legendary must-see.” But their kaleidoscopic and mercurial style has perhaps been best summed up by ChatGPT, “The Ain’t Sisters music is so eclectic they can play you down the aisle at your wedding and fight your ex at the Waffle House parking lot the same night.” 

If ya ain’t sisters, what are ya? 


After ten years, five albums, innumerable sold out shows, and countless libations, Americana mavericks Horseshoes & Hand Grenades appropriately consider themselves a “family” on a wild, wonderful, and often whacky roller coaster. The bond between the quintet— Adam Greuel [guitar, vocals], David C. Lynch [harmonica, accordion, vocals], Collin Mettelka [fiddle, vocals], Russell Pedersen [banjo, vocals], and Samual Odin [bass, vocals]— fuels their creativity and chemistry on stage and in the studio. “Sometimes, it feels like we’re modern day cowboys on some kind of strange journey,” Adam affirms with a laugh. “We’re five friends who set out to do something we enjoy doing, meet interesting people, see old friends, and make some new buddies along the way. Because of that sense of friendship, everything seems to happen organically.”

old man 2.jpg

Old Man Luedecke is the recording name of two time JUNO award winning and Polaris prize nominated singer songwriter Chris Luedecke. A multiple East Coast Music Award winner  known for his high energy banjo driven stompers, touching guitar ballads and dry humorous  stories, Luedecke has been making a soundtrack to an authentic life for nearly twenty years.  Born in Toronto and long time resident of the country near Chester Nova Scotia, Luedecke  began recording in the early 2000’s DIY folk scene of Halifax.  While on a tour of England in 2009, he met and supported folk roots legend Tim O’Brien who produced Luedecke’s next two albums. Tender is the Night was recorded at John’s Prine’s Butcher Shoppe Studio in Nashville in 2012 and 2015’s Domestic Eccentric was recorded in a cabin Luedecke built himself at his home in NS. His songs trace a warm line of effort, sadness and joy and  provide a soundtrack to many peoples’ own progress through adulthood, touching a rare place of truth and charm in the holiness of the mundane. His performing style with his easy going humour and storytelling creates a rare space of hopeful and intimate magic.  


Ralph Roddenbery is a charismatic, unique and impressionable singer/songwriter who has been part of the Athens and Atlanta music scene for many years. His music presents as a dynamic blend of Americana, roots rock, with a twist of the blues. Through his  captivating lyrics and remarkable stage presence, Ralph  is able to connect with his audience in a way that makes them feel as if they are having a one on one conversation about life. In a review from the Charleston City Paper, Michael Andrews stated that Ralph Roddenbery has an “undeniable knack for tapping into the emotional undercurrent of his songs, many of which are just as likely to make you laugh as they are to cause moistening of the lids all within the same four minutes.”

sloppy joe 2023 by Ty.jpg

Your host band, Sloppy Joe has been playing their own style of bluegrass inspired neo old-time  music,  lovingly penned as Slopgrass, since 1998. A talented and musically diverse group of individuals, the band swaps instruments right and left throughout their high energy performances,  keeping the audience dancing and on their toes.  With over two decades playing together, the band continues their mission to preserve Slopgrass music for generations to come, and welcomes you to join the Jackpine Family on Labor day Weekend!

tillers sara.jpg

The Tillers have been thumping their own distinctive sound of string band style folk music for a decade, riding it all over the country and across the sea. Four studio albums and one live record have won them praise as modern folk storytellers of the national soundscape. Musically, the band wears many hats. Their sound has proven to be an appropriate fit with a wide range of musical styles- traditional folk, bluegrass, jazz, punk rock and anything else they might run into.They continue to plot their travels around the map, electrifying new places and making new friends wherever they go. From place to place, they carry with them more instruments, new songs, and funnier stories. They are Cincinnati’s traveling minstrels


Formed in Wisconsin, Chicken Wire Empire has emerged as a pioneering force in the Upper Midwest contemporary bluegrass scene. Fusing traditional roots with innovative genre-blending elements, the band has captivated audiences worldwide with their unique musicality and electrifying performances. One of the hottest bands in the regional music scene, CWE brings the foot-stomping good-times to audiences of all ages. We are so excited to welcome them to the Jackpine stage for the first time!

joe huber by ty.jpg

​Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist Joseph Huber was a founding member of the .357 String Band--a group that, despite its abrupt break-up, still continues to gain popularity and is known as one of the most influential groups in the recent insurgent underground country and bluegrass movement. Having moved from .357, Huber has honed his songwriting abilities immensely and now continues moving onward and upward captivating folks with his sincere and well-crafted songs under his own name and with his backing band. Whether it's irresistible, fiddle-driven, dancing tunes or honest, heart-wrenching "songwriter" songs, Huber spans the spectrum of 'Roots' music while preferring not to stay within the boundaries of any strict genre classification.

Promo picture 2024.jpg

Formed in 2015 in the dead center of the thriving Midwest roots music scene in Stevens Point, WI, the four members of Dig Deep drew inspiration from their shared appreciation for traditional bluegrass and country music, their love of rock and roll, and their combined decades of hard gigging in the punk/metal scenes, local bars and roadhouses, and regional festivals. Three releases and 600+ shows later, they have firmly established themselves as an utterly unique and powerful force in the roots world.

 With a body of work that showcases their vision, craft, heart, and clout as songwriters and instrumentalists, Dig Deep has earned a reputation for their well-honed and hard-edged sound that goes far beyond bluegrass, as well as their blistering and boisterous live performances that give audiences much more than a string band show.

kevin by sara.jpg

Kevin John Troestler is a musician extraordinaire hailing from the great Northwoods of Wisconsin.  He performs original, soulful material along with classic bluegrass, country, and blues. He plays  prolifically throughout the midwest and his shows can be anything from  solo acoustic to rocking out with a full on electric band. His debut E.P. “Devil’s Grip” is OUT NOW

unkle pecos by ty 2.jpg

Unkle Pecos

Unkle Pecos features the songwriting of Bryan Abernathy. His music is like no other and the songs he writes speak to the life we have all lived. The music he gives us is born out of the desire and passion to show us what it takes to get by in this world we're livin' in. Lifelong friends and band mates Bryan Abernathy and Jeff Sachs have played Jackpine since the very beginning in various lineups from WayStrange to the Country Funkins and Unkle Pecos. 

We are so thankful and thrilled to have them back at the Jackpine for a second year, and hopefully many to come.

Unkle Pecos rides again! 


"Gutter-grass," "too yelly," "ya'll ever hear of The Devil Makes Three?" These are all ways people have described Hemlock Chaser. Formed on the eve of 2022, Hemlock Chaser is a 4 piece Wisconsin-raised band, drunk on the rich traditions of bluegrass, folk, and punk music with a seasoning of swing, jazz, and occasionally some classical experience peppered on top. Always ready to get down with some high-energy jamming or just play around a fire, Hemlock Chaser is an act that you won't soon forget. Their debut album "Hardluck Stories" released June of 2023 is available everywhere now!

CWE with josy.jpg

Chicken Wire Empire along with incredibly talented vocalist/musician Josy Rosales will be bringing  an unforgettable Old & In The Way tribute set to the Jackpine stage.  Did you know that Chicken Wire Empire was born out of an Old & In The Way tribute? Experience the allure that started it all as they take you on a musical journey. Years later, Peter Rowan himself joined them for an epic rendition of ‘Land of the Navajo’ and lent his vocals to ‘The Ballad of Dan Toe’ from Chicken Wire Empire collaboration album, Fresh Pickles. 


Wisconsin’s hardest working musician, Singer-songwriter, Tuck Pence  has been in the music business for over four decades, and has performed every Jackpine to date. With a repertoire of over 2,000 songs, 4 albums, and years of being on the road under his belt, Tuck is truly an American Relic.  An astounding performer, and true friend, he is the finest example we know of what great musicianship really means.

yankee 2023 by Ty.jpg

The Yankee Coalition

The Jackpine is your only chance to see the boys from The Yankee Coalition play as they once did back in the days of The Great Northern Bluegrass Festival (Mole Lake, WI).  Tuck Pence is a well renowned musician in his own right, but when backed by Danny Lincoln -banjo wizard and pedal steel extraordinaire, Joe Cronick -alias "mandolin man", the uncle of Bluegrass-  G.T. "Doghouse" Hauser, and Donny Lincoln, it is a show not to be missed!

art by ty.jpg

 Art Stevenson has foraged up a few familiar faces to join him at this year's Jamboree. 

Art IS Bluegrass in Wisconsin, and has been performing for over four decades in the midwest and beyond. Joining him and "keeping the drive alive on the old five" is banjo extraordinaire Dale Reichert, along with Sue Cronick with her beautiful harmonies and fiddle playing, Bobby Burns on his fast pickin' mandolin, and Stef Lee holding down the low end on the double bass. The combination of Art's truly lonesome vocals and fire breathing harmonica along with The Foragers  is sure to be a set to remember! 


After over 30 years of sonic adventures some things have changed over the years. Folks have come and gone, it's PBR in the cooler now, we've shrunk in numbers and become wooden rather than electric but we miss the big rhythm sections and the electric power and... maybe someday again? But Dewgrass keeps keeping on and we wouldn't have it any other way. We are a group of people that gather in an array of numbers these days. A Key Three will get you a Tuesday. A Core Four is that and more. A Five Alive and you might find Wednesday. It is a pleasure to gather and a grace to play. Walking down an old familiar path or discovering a new one, it is the music, it is the muse, it is such good stuff for the soul. And then there's the times we get to do it with you - talk about all that and more!



Insomniac Gypsy is an original, bluegrass-infused, high-energy string band, infusing bluegrass with jazz, funk, and rock to come up with a completely different sound all their own. Denny Vanesky’s song writing takes center stage as he conjures up songs about his colorful life and the people and experiences he has met with along the way. His raspy and intense vocals are that of a backwoods storyteller,  and his playing-with-fire, hot picking guitar style is as flavorful as a Kentucky barbecue. Rounding out the band are the multi-talented Gypsies, whose playing is always a blend of technical basting and improvised seasoning. Good tasting, dance-around-the-fire nourishment!


The trio of songwriters, known as Ukelyptus, present a lovely and unique musical experience that will transport you to their magical world. Fusing sweet vocal harmonies with the sounds of the baritone ukulele, mandolin, and bass fiddle, they create a truly captivating and original sound that is sure to enchant you. Close your eyes... and imagine mermaids 

handpicked 2024.jpg

The Hand-Picked Bluegrass Band is a high energy acoustic band playing everything from the traditional “high lonesome sound” of Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Boys to the exciting sound of today’s progressive bluegrass groups – as well as their own original music.  Featuring a high caliber lineup, fronted by the husband and wife team of Joe and Sue Cronick, they deliver a show of stellar picking and powerful vocal arrangements. You can be sure that each and every performance will be a special one!

stovepipe by Ty_edited.jpg

Stovepipe Stephens is a fresh breath of Americana and folk. Living in Rhinelander, WI, he's crafted his unique mix of fingerpicking ragtime and Americana music over years barge travel up and down the Mississippi River. His perfect combination of fluid picking and lyrical mastery that makes for one of the most entertaining acts in the Northwoods


The New Hope
Hay Balers

Join us for a lively Sunday morning at Jackpine with Art Stevenson, Dale Reichert, Sue Cronick, and Stef Lee as they perform a set of classic toe-tapping gospel tunes that are sure to lift your spirits! 

free radz.jpg

Featuring the songwriting of Jimers Soukup and Jeff Sachs, The Free Radicalz incorporate the voice of change and the timeless theme of freedom into their original compositions.  Attempting to change the world, one song at a time,  the band is fired up and ready to go!

***Lineup subject to change***


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